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Classic Lash Enhancements: These lashes are applied ratio 1:1 (one eyelash fibre of a specific weight, length and curl applied to the natural lash) This treatment is great for clients wishing for a natural look please note we do not use thick individual eyelash fibres for this treatment.

Prices From £50 OFFER £45.00


Flat Cashmere Lash Enhancements: 1:1 (one eyelash fibre of a specific weight, length and curl applied to the natural lash) Flat lashes are the revolutionary new lash fibre that has been manufactured to allow artists to work with thicker lash fibres without over weighing the natural lash. Flat lashes also minimise the amount of glue used between the synthetic surface area and the natural lash allowing the natural lash to sit into the extension.

Price From £55

Flat Lashes

Oval Lash Enhancements: Luxury 2D Volume. We are proud to be one of the first Salons in Newcastle to offer oval cut eyelash extensions. These lashes provide the same benefits of our Flat Lashes with the added bonus of being able to layer two lashes per one natural lash. The appearance of the lashes are thicker but because the weight 70% less than a normal classic lash we can add more volume.

Prices from £58.00

Princess Lash Enhancements

With our princess cut lashes retention improves by 30%! This means longer lasting lashes! These lashes are only available for classic look (ratio 1:1)

Prices From £58

Volume Eyelash Enhancements: Our Volume lashes are carefully selected to create darker, fluffier lashes. We layer the lashes to achieve the desired look depending on natural lashes. This treatment can be very versatile and many different looks can be created. This will be agreed within your Consultation process.

Price: Natasha Light Volume Fullset £58

Natasha Full Volume Fullset £68

Rebecca/ Cecilia Light Volume Fullset £45 OFFER



Russian Volume Enhancements: Russian Volume Eyelash Enhancements is a technique developed in Russia. The technique involves creating a bouquet of lashes that form a perfect fan and is then placed and locked onto the natural lash. This technique is very specialist and only advanced eyelash artists can offer. Please note our eyelash artsits fan each lash and we do not use pre-fanned lashes. Our techniques are time consuming to ensure each fan is created to perfection to fit the natural lash selected.


Amanda 2 – 3D £70.00

Amanda 4 – 6 D £80.00

Mega Volume £90.00

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Russian Volumne