What are Eyelash Enhancements?

Individual eyelash enhancements are silk synthetic fibres which are applied individually to the natural lash using safe techniques. Lashes can be either extended or thickened to achieve a personal desired look.

Who would wear individual Eyelash Enhancements?

Anyone with a good foundation of natural lashes can wear eyelash enhancements. A good foundation means natural lashes are healthy. Imagine building a house on a bad foundation? This would only create problems with the structure and stability. This approach can also be added to the eyelash industry. It is imperative that clients undergo an in-depth consultation, to discuss the options available before the treatment. This will also give the client a realistic approach to their desired look.

Do I need a sensitivity test?

Yes, All clients MUST  have a sensitivity test 48 hours before appointment
A sensitivity test is where a client comes to the salon at least 48 hours prior to the treatment date to have a few lashes applied to their natural lashes to ensure no reaction will occur.

Do I need to return for Maintenance?

Yes, If you decide you would like to wear our Lola Lashes long term we recommend you come for regular visits. This can be agreed with your Eyelash Artist within the consultation process. Within your maintenance we will cleanse, take off any lashes that are not suitable and replace new lashes on new natural growth.

Why Choose Lola Lashes?

With over 8 Years experience, we pride ourself on offering Eyelash Enhancements which cater to individual needs. We use top quality synthetic individual fibres along with EU Complaint Medical Grade Adhesives to safely apply our lashes. Our techniques have been carefully chosen to ensure each client achieves their desired look. We work alongside our clients on every appointment catering for every need. We welcome you to join our client family and experience our lashes.